Kindness in giving creates love 

If you make a ($100 minimum) donation to  St. James Infirmary Amnesty International SWOP-USA♥ or SWOP Behind Bars, and email me a copy of your receipt, I'll add 30 minutes to our engagement. If you'd like to donate to a creditable organization not listed here, please let me know. I donate a percentage from each engagement to Amnesty International regardless. This is a one time offer only. 

If you volunteer in person for a creditable organization for a minimum of one hour, I'll add one hour to our next engagement (this is a one time offer only). The volunteer work should be within a month's time frame of when we meet. You must e-mail me a verification letter, forwarded from a member (management, supervisor, or receptionist) of the organization that confirms your volunteer service. 

This is easy to do - 1. In your email, advise the member that you need a brief e-mailed letter to confirm your volunteer work (If needed, you can say that it's for your resume). Make sure to include a deadline for when you need the letter by. 2. Tell the member that they can address the letter to "whom it may concern." 3. Ask the member to include the name of their organization, your full name and the duration & date of your volunteer work. 4. Lastly, thank them for the opportunity to have volunteered with them. 

The act of giving uplifts entire communities and the world at large while benefiting the giver's health and happiness... 

  • Giving positively impacts our physical health. 
  • Socially, giving promotes cooperation, connection, and trust, which strengthens our ties to each other. 
  • Giving also evokes gratitude and this increases our personal happiness. 
  • Most importantly, giving is contagious - it causes a ripple effect of generosity throughout our communities. Each person in a network can influence dozens to hundreds of people.