Dancing Together

This past weekend I went to a club with some friends. Towards the end of the night people were clearing out. I felt relaxed and was having fun dancing. I saw a woman on a couch nearby and I asked her if she wanted to dance.

Our bodies were touching and we were holding each other’s shoulders. I felt present in the moment with her. She asked if she could kiss me and I said yes. We kissed in a way that felt both natural and surreal. Natural because we were on the same wavelength, and surreal because the passion in kissing her was something beautiful that I couldn’t understand.

After we kissed, we kept dancing. At certain times we would move close with our chests and hips touching. I ran my fingers through her hair and kind of held her head and neck in my hands. I felt just as much tenderness and care as desire.

She started touching the bottom of my dress and reached in my panties. She asked me if that was ok and I said yes. She slid her fingers in them and was touching me. We stayed close standing on the dance floor. I started touching the bottom of her dress and I asked her if it was ok. She said yes. 

She put her finger inside me and I put my finger inside her. I got nervous for a second and asked her if my nails were too sharp and she laughed and said no. We kept touching and holding each other. She said that she wanted to make me come. I told her I wanted that.

Then my friend came up to me and said we had to go. So the woman and I stopped. We hugged and kissed and said goodbye with smiles on our faces.

I’ve experienced being with women before and this wasn’t my first time. There was just something so caring and sweet about connecting with her. It moved me deeply.

I liked how our desires were mutual - she wasn’t coming at me and seeing me as something she could have to fulfill herself and I wasn’t coming at her in that way either. We connected to connect in a natural flow and not for the purpose of getting off on each other. This might sound cliché, but the first image that comes to my mind is a flower blooming. It just blooms in its own time without reason and without the goal to bloom.

I think I want or miss that feeling in my life – the feeling of naturally blooming like that. Meeting her made me question if I wanted a relationship with a woman, but I’m seeing how I just want more of that tenderness in my life, and that’s a universal feeling. It’s not a feeling confined to any specific type of person and it can be sexual or nonsexual. I think this is a tenderness that I can give to myself and hopefully experience with others more often.

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