Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness❞

I hope this letter finds you in good health. Everyone has been through a lot these past few months, and all of us are looking forward to resuming our normal habits and routines. While many things have changed, one thing has remained the same: My care and concern for your safety and well-being. 

I'm returning to seeing clients in June and I'm writing to inform you about the precautions I'm taking to assure your safety. Health and hygiene have always been a top priority of mine, and now, more than ever, I've increased these measures. 

Since I have family in the medical field, I participated in their required health and safety webinars connected to the CDC, OSHA, and other nationally recognized associations. I'm using their guidance and precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 for in-person dates. I'm accepting dates in a low volume schedule where dates are spaced far enough apart. 

You'll see some changes when it's time for us to meet. I made these changes to help protect each of us:

  • When we're scheduling our date on email, I'll ask you screening questions in relation to the virus. I'll ask you these same questions again on email the day of meeting. 
  • Before you enter my incall, I will be disinfected and all of my belongings will be disinfected. I will also have cleaned and then disinfected ALL surfaces. For cleaning I will use household products and for disinfecting I will use hypochlorous acid (HOCL) in a fogger machine. HOCL is an eco-friendly and non-toxic solution simply made of salt, water, and electricity. It's safe for humans, animals, and plants, and is approved by the U.S. EPA, FDA, and the CDC. HOCL is a powerful oxidant that is 100 times more efficient at killing bacteria than chlorine bleach or hypochlorite. It's an EPA registered hospital-grade disinfectant that is 100% natural and free of chemicals. HOCL is found in our blood as one of the most powerful biological oxidants generated by our white blood cells against invading pathogens. It's an integral part of our immune response and kills dangerous microorganisms. It's effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi outside of the body. HOCL works to break down the cells that are creating an infection by destroying the cell membrane and its DNA, thus halting its replication or growth process. If you're interested in history, HOCL was discovered in 1834 by French chemist, Antoine Jerome Balard, whose work was used by armies in World War I and World War II for wound cleaning and to neutralize chemical burns. Today, it's most commonly used with humans, animals, and the environment to clean and disinfect. Since HOCL is a stable solution, it can be applied through many different methods. In addition to direct application through spray bottles and mops, it can be applied broadly using foggers. Fogging offers many advantages in that it can distribute HOCL into a large area very quickly to disinfect the area. Because HOCL is safe and natural, no protective gear or equipment is needed. Fogging can also reach areas that are missed by direct application such as under tables, chairs, ceilings, and crevices that cannot be reached. HOCL is placed into the fogger (I use the Ryobi P2850 fogger) where it's converted into a high volume, sub-micron sized aerosol or "dry fog." The sub-micron particles quickly permeate an entire room by diffusion, and kill bacteria, viruses, and mold spores everywhere and instantly upon contact. Whether applied through direct application or through a fogger, HOCL is safe on humans, plants, animals, as well as all surfaces, clothing and electronics. You can purchase HOCL from various companies or you can make this disinfectant yourself. Since it's very easy (and less expensive) to make yourself, using only salt, water, and vinegar, I make it at home with the Electrolyzed Water System from EcoloxTech. This system allows you to choose the concentration of HOCL. Make sure you choose 200ppm, which is the recommended concentration. If you want to cut costs further, so you don't have to purchase a fogger or the EcoloxTech system, you can buy a kit from Force of Nature (or an electronic HOCL mister from another brand) instead. The kit includes an electrolyzer appliance to make the HOCL at home (at a 220ppm concentration) and a spray bottle that you can use for direct application. Direct application takes longer to do than fogging and you have to make sure you cover every surface area with it. You also have to make sure that you spray light enough and far enough away when disinfecting surfaces such as clothing and electronics so that you don't soak them. Even though direct application takes longer, it's convenient for traveling if you don't want to pack the fogger and water system with you. When traveling, remember to bring travel-sized spray bottles with you to cover your personal area. Overall, whichever method you decide to use, HOCL is just as effective. 
  • When you arrive, I will be wearing gloves and I will immediately take your temperature with a touchless forehead scan thermometer. Even though it's touchless, I disinfect it before each use. If your temperature is 100 degrees or higher you'll have to leave and reschedule our date. 
  • Next, I will ask you to take off your shoes and socks and hand them to me so I can fog them. 
  • Then, I will ask you to empty all of your belongings from your pockets and bag (please bring as few items as possible) for me to fog. If you bring food or drinks, they must be prepackaged so I can fog them. Your payment must be in an envelope, which I will fog and place in a plastic bag. 
  • Lastly, I will fog you front and back with your clothes on. If you're wearing a mask, you can remove it for me to fog. Then you can head to the shower for a quick rinse. While you're showering, I will discard my gloves since our screening is over, and we can enjoy our date together. I will add an extra 15 minutes at no fee to our date for this screening. 

This will be the screening routine before each date until further notice. In addition to the screening, I hope you're taking the required safety precautions at home and in public. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms between the time we schedule our date and the day we're supposed to meet, please email me to reschedule. If you or someone you are in close contact with have recently traveled out of the country or if you have been exposed to someone else who was diagnosed with COVID-19 or who was quarantined as a precaution, you'll have to wait 14 days until we can meet to make sure you don't have coronavirus. 

Please feel free to email me with any questions. I can only reply if you send me your full screening information from a ProtonMail address only. 

I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself. Self-care often implies leisure, but now it's a requirement for all of us during these times. Remember the basics such as eating healthy meals, staying hydrated, exercise, and getting enough sleep. During times of crisis we often forget how powerful these basics can be in keeping us feeling grounded. Also, be mindful enough to make space for relaxing and enjoyable activities. And stay connected to your friends and family. Another important part of self-care is recognizing that you are human and that it's normal to have wide range of thoughts and feelings. This is never a sign of weakness, but a part of the human condition. Understanding this will help you care for yourself and others. 

Stay Safe XOXO Fiona