In-Date extension 800 per hour
10% discount for providers
A 25% deposit is required for all dates
Cancellations 48 hours or less have a 50% cancellation fee

FLY ME TO YOU  I'd love to fly to you! Please email me where and when you'd like to meet. Flights and accommodations are in addition to my listed rates. I book all transportation and lodging myself. You may book our lodging if we're together for an overnight or longer.  A 100% deposit for transportation and lodging plus a 30% deposit of my rate is required to save our date. I require personal time each day to rest and freshen up, and at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep with coffee in the morning xoxo


For booking information, please email me at using an encrypted email address from ProtonMail only. When you introduce yourself, please let me know where you found me. I prioritize thoughtful emails, and I only reply to ProtonMail emails that include FULL screening

  • I require your full legal name/age/location/phone number with two references from the last six months: their names, phone numbers, email addresses, websites and social media handles. 
  • If you don't have references, you can send me your full legal name/age/location/phone number with your work information: your LinkedIn page and an email from your work address. I have a discreet address for this.

I check ID during our first engagement. Please include it with the payment in an unsealed envelope - do not make me ask for this. When meeting at my hotel, you can place it on the nearest surface as soon as we meet; then, kindly excuse yourself to shower. If we're meeting at your hotel, please place the payment in the bathroom. And if we're meeting in public, a gift bag is a nice thought. 


Our engagement requires mutual trust for my safety as well as yours. Your information is 100% secure. You can rest assured that I treat your privacy as my first priority with utmost discretion and confidentiality. 

If you're concerned about online security, consider these 10 tips: 1. Install an antivirus and keep it updated. 2. Use the Brave browser, Startpage search engine, and a VPN to protect your internet browsing. 3. Stick to as few public Wi-Fi networks as possible and remember that when you browse HTTP websites (versus HTTPS), your data can be monitored. 4. Communicate through PGP encryption with ProtonMail or Countermail. 5. For external storage, use encrypted flash drives & hard drives. 6. Strip the metadata from your photos using the free app, "Metadata Remover EXIF GPS TIFF." 7. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) with the Authy app for your online accounts. 8. Unless in use, turn off microphone (including Siri) & camera access to all apps as well as Airdrop, Bluetooth, FaceTime, and GPS locators. 9. Don't click unexpected/suspicious attachments or links. 10. Don't leave your device unattended and for extra privacy, store your device in a Faraday sleeve by Silent Pocket.