“How to Rest & Recover While You Fight for Social Change” by @FeministSexEd

“How to Rest & Recover While You Fight for Social Change” 
Manageable resting strategies to maintain your energy, connection, and motivation.

by @FeministSexEd

If you feel stuck in place…
Frozen - Indecisive - Overwhelmed 

Practice a physical grounding technique (drink cold water, name your surroundings and how they feel, breathing exercises). 

Do 10-15 minutes of exercise to get your body moving. [Read More…]

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STI Testing - Know Your Status

If you’re sexually active, you should get tested for STIs regularly. [Read More…]

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I meditated at the beach recently and had a beautiful experience. [Read More…]

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Dancing Together

This past weekend I went to a club with some friends. [Read More…]

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Death, Normality and Tortillas

I love writing and I’m grateful to start this blog. [Read More…]

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